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Nights at the End of Days

The late night’s deep quiet is my last solace
I stay and wait in hope of meeting seeing you
To talk but a short while to feel your live presence
Your warmth your look upon me
After hours hours hours of inert silence and your deep
Absence while you sleep sleep sleep. Continue reading

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More Far Left than the PH Far Left

Just as global Filipinos alarmed by China’s massive reclamations in the West Philippine Sea were preparing to hold their third annual Global Day of Protest against China’s imperialism on July 24, a “preemptive counter demonstration” was held on July 19 in front of the Philippine Embassy in Washington DC by Filipino American militants protesting US imperialism in the Philippines. Continue reading

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OSA triples death risk

OSA, used to be a stealth killer very few people, even physicians, knew about or focused on, is now more visible on radar, thanks to more widespread data coming out in the medical literature and lay media. This would definitely save more lives from this preventable killer.
What is OSA? Continue reading

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Ang Alkemista ni Paulo Coelho at ang Endorso ni Oprah Winfrey

Dahil ika-25 anibersaryo ng pagkakalimbag ng Ang Alkemista ni Paulo Coelho, naglaan si Oprah Winfrey ng isang buong episod ng programa niya. Sinadya ni Oprah si Coelho hanggang sa mismong tahanan nito. Tubong-Rio de Janeiro sa Brazil, nakabase na ngayon si Coelho sa Switzerland. Continue reading

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It was my first time out. I had just received my brand new State of Illinois driver’s license. After initially flunking the state road test on my birthday I had finally made it; boy-oh-boy-oh-boy was I glad! In those days one passed the state driver’s examination and within weeks the paper document arrived through the mails. Continue reading


Simplicity is Not Easy

In a world filled with rules, where a space is not mere emptiness and a thought can speak in silence; where we must listen even though we do not hear, straight and simple are terms we long for, though they are shadows that escape the light. Continue reading

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One hell of a start

No sooner had the Philippine military announced the reopening of the Subic Bay base than the leftist politicians started screaming and denouncing the United States for violating the country’s sovereignty.  But for a country who doesn’t have the means to defend her sovereignty, the politicians’ concerns –and fears — seem to emanate from their myopic view that the U.S. is the enemy.   But what they forget to realize is that the Philippines – their beloved Inang Bayan — would have lost her sovereignty long time ago if not for her alliance with Uncle Sam.     Continue reading

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On Trump, Clinton, Sanders, Bush , et. al. and more …

With all the media attention on these 2016 presidential candidates from both parties, Republicans and Democrats, what can I say that has not probably been already said by some of these pundits on TV and in the papers? Continue reading

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Where the Presidency Is Headed

By Lee H. Hamilton

Before the ins and outs of the 2016 presidential contest become a preoccupation for many of us, it seems a good time to step back and look at the office of the presidency for which so many candidates are vying. The presidency inherited by whoever wins next November will be substantially changed from the position his or her predecessors occupied a few decades ago. Continue reading

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After 3 days, Chris Brown allowed to leave PHL but Canadian promoter arrested, detained

August 1, 2015
MANILA – Grammy-winning singer Chris Brown has been allowed to leave the country three days after he and John Michael Pio Roda, his Canadian concert promoter, were stopped from leaving due to a suit filed by the influentiall Iglesia ni Cristo for not showing up in their concert despite receiving full payment of over $1 million. Continue reading

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