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What Price Our Planet? Can We Grow the Economy and Reduce Poverty without Self-Destructing ?

After a few better years when trends seemed to be reversing and things were starting to improve somewhat, this year is looking a bit grim once more for our planet’s natural environment. Later this year the USA and other major nations will meet in Paris for UN Climate Change Conference with aim of agreeing actions to save our Planet for future generations by keeping global temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius. Continue reading

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The world now knows that while training for his May 2 “Fight of the Century” with undefeated world welterweight boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao suffered a shoulder injury. According to his trainer, Freddie Roach, this mishap occurred on April 4 in a sparring session when he threw a right hook and his arm “got entangled with those of his sparring partner”. Continue reading

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Ways to prevent cancers

Cancer is the second among 10 leading causes of deaths in the United States and in many other developed countries around the world, just below heart disease, the # 1 killer. In the USA in 2014, more than half a million (576.691), almost 1,600 people a day (yes, PER day!), died of cancer.
Are you at risk? Continue reading

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Reader did you know the science of Genetics has advanced so much it’s now possible for forensic experts to reconstruct accurate reconstructions of human faces from DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) samples? Geneticists will be able to accurately rebuild a human body in its entirety even if the person died thousands of years ago? Think of the possibilities. Think of the liabilities. Continue reading


Eulogies for the Living

What is a eulogy for if the person for whom it is meant cannot even hear? What good is a good word when its goodness is not received? What reason is there for praises when the subject of such praises no longer has reasons to enjoy praise? They are past their lives and surpassed their existence. Yet the oddities and oxymoron of human rituals remain late in reacting, posthumous in recognizing, and slow in appreciating the actuality of life. Continue reading

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“Sa Ugoy ng Duyan” (Music by Lucio San Pedro, Lyrics by Levi Celerio, 1947)

If you haven’t heard the magnificent lullabye “Sa Ugoy ng Duyan,” you are probably half-American or half-Filipino! Continue reading

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Is Uncle Sam punishing the Philippines?

How often do you hear someone ask, “Will the U.S. defend the Philippines if China attacked her?” Very often. As a matter of fact, with China reclaiming several islands inside the Philippines’ 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone Continue reading

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Coming Home

Last month’s trip to the Philippines was unlike most vacations I had taken the past few years. First, I hardly saw any place other than my sisters’ and nieces’ homes and the hospitals where I’d go either in the ER or for doctor’s consultations and procedures. Continue reading

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Uphold press freedom

Time for Aquino to show political will

Early this month of May, the Philippines and the world marked World Press Freedom Day. The celebration was highlighted by calls for the global observance of press freedom and the protection of members of the press. Continue reading

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Wille Revillame is back on television

May 16, 2015
Actor, composer, singer, comedian, businessman, television host, philantropist.
These all about sums up Willie Revillame.
No, not all that. Willie is also one of the country’s top taxpayers and one of the top overall. Continue reading

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