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Big Quake Jolts Bohol, Cebu; 144 Dead

October 16, 2013
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Shutdown Squeak-By or Debt Default Armageddon – How Can America Avoid Missing Out on Moment for Growth?

The past weeks in Washington D.C. I watched hundreds of thousands of furloughed Federal workers trying to stay busy – a scientist friend is writing folk songs! And I read about the mayhem caused by the Federal Government shutdown. I was struck by the irony of seeing our elected national politicians shooting our country – and potentially the whole world – in the foot. Just as America is poised to enjoy a period of greater prosperity, after five years of recovery from the Great Recession. Continue reading

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Filipinos Discovered California

On September 25, 2009, the state of California officially declared October as “Filipino American History Month” to honor the first Filipinos to set foot in California 426 years ago. After studying this bit of California lore, some may conclude that Filipinos were among the first to “discover” California, at least in the same Eurocentric sense that Christopher Columbus “discovered” America in 1492 and  Ferdinand Magellan “discovered” the Philippines in 1521.  Continue reading

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Deaths from Stem Cell Rx

Various complications and even deaths (like in the case of those Filipino politicians recently) have been reported following stem cell therapy. We are revisiting this issue to put in proper perspective the facts about this widely advertised form of therapy, which has been misrepresented and abused by some enterprising people. Continue reading

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Labanan sa Zamboanga 

Isang pagkakamali ang isiping ang pinakahuling naging gulo sa Lungsod Zamboanga ay sa pagitan ng mga Kristiyano at Muslim. Maraming kabilang sa hukbong sandatahan ng Pilipinas o AFP, sa pulisya o PNP, at sa BJMP na mga Muslim. Noong nasa BJMP ako ay regular na may klasmeyt akong mga Muslim sa mga treyning sa iba’t ibang kampo sa buong kapuluan. Continue reading

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American Samoa South Pacific Paradise

“It is mean to hide ones possessions.”
-Samoan Proverb-

I never play the ‘tourist’ when abroad. I’ve always managed to blend in with the locals; that’s one advantage of being multi-racial. You can be anybody. So far I’ve been successful. When I travel I always bring home unique mementos of my experiences. I’m so much in love with most things Polynesian that I married a wonderful woman from that part of our world. Continue reading

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The Home Bound Dad

Roy works for the Post-Office. Luisa, his wife, having recently earned her Associate Degree in Nursing, used to work as a part time caregiver. Now that she passed the board exams, her possible income could be much higher than that of a mail carrier. With three young kids Continue reading

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Annie D. Ant: Readers Theater Edition Part 1

Is Christmas just a shopping spree? Is it a self-centered annual occasion aimed at collecting as many gifts as possible? What if you are in the midst of a war zone or a natural disaster such as devastating floods or scorching drought? Continue reading

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Jinggoy jingles!

Little did Benhur Luy know that when he blew the whistle on his former employer – and cousin — Janet Lim Napoles, it would unleash a tsunami of colossal magnitude that threatens the very survival of our political system. All he wanted was for justice to be served on Napoles for allegedly detaining him against his will for three months.   Instead justice gave him more than what he wished for: three senators were indicted for plunder.  Continue reading

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The Way To Treat A Poison Letter

Shortly before our October 1st issue came out, we received a poison letter in the mail, copy furnished to a number of Filipino American publications and some select community leaders. The letter was so vile that after reading it, I didn’t even want to talk about it with anyone. Neither did I have the urge to call the people who were the object of the nasty accusations, Continue reading

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