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Only One Life

We have only one life and so soon it will pass. Life is temporary and extremely brief. It is likened to a mist, a breath, a wisp of smoke, “I am here on earth for just a little while.” (Psalm 119:19). Continue reading

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Ebola Epidemic in West Africa : Wake-Up Call for Us All or Isolated Outbreak?

Watching the alarm here in America and across the world about the expanding ebola epidemic in West Africa has left me with decidedly mixed emotions.
I am a survivor of a 1987 severe tropical virus infection – contracted in West Africa. So, I know all too well how easy it is for such viruses – like ebola and the one I caught – to spread rapidly across borders and around the world. I know their life-threatening severity. Continue reading

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Manila’s gridlock wastes $55-M a day

For the last month, my Facebook friends in Manila have been lamenting their utter frustration and helplessness at being sentenced to spend a great portion of their productive lives stuck in traffic with no hope in sight. Continue reading

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The impact of grandparents

Countless scientific studies in different countries have been done on the influence of grandparents on their grandkids concerning various facets in the life of the children. The better known researches were performed in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Continue reading

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Gera sa Pagkagobernador ng Ilinoy

Di ko alam kung kailan huling naging medyor na paksa ng kampanya sa eleksiyong pampanguluhan sa Pilipinas ang tindig ng bawat kandidato sa karapatan sa pangkatang pakikipagtawaran (collective bargaining) ng lakas-bisig o labor force. Sa pribado man o publikong sektor, may mahabang kasaysayan at solidong tradisyon ang unyonismo sa estado ng Ilinoy. Continue reading

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STURGEON LANDING Indian Country—A Serial Part Two

We left The Pas by the lone road that led to the village; a red clay dirt ‘road’ that zigzagged through a forest so dense that even light would have had a tough time penetrating. Our destination was the almost inaccessible Native village of Sturgeon Landing. The trip was rough enough but was made more arduous when it suddenly started to rain. Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of a Licensed Caregiver

Hey, my name is Maria. I have recently upgraded myself from a certified assistant to that of a licensed caregiver. I used to be a Nurse’s assistant. Now I am a nurse. I still work in a skilled nursing facility. Unlike a hospital, most people stay here longer and many of them end up living in one of our floors. Except for a very few, the majority are older adults. Continue reading

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“Impeng Negro:” His Journey from Pushover to Conqueror

“Ang pagsulat ay pagtuklas. Lakad ka na. Writing is about discovering. Get on with your journey.” This was from Rogelio Sikat’s letter to his student, Benjamin Pimentel, at the University of the Philippines. It was a three-page handwritten letter dated September 27, 1982. Just as writing is about discovering, so is reading. What have readers been discovering about Rogelio Sikat’s short story “Impeng Negro” since its publication in 1962? Continue reading

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When is sovereignty sovereign?

The recent brouhaha over the killing of Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude, a Filipino transgender, allegedly by an American marine in a motel in Olangapo has once again brought to the fore the issue of “sovereignty.” Indeed, it’s so convenient to use “sovereignty” for whatever nebulous issues people are complaining about. Continue reading

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No term extension for Pnoy

Finally, Philippine President Benigno S. Aquino III made it clear that he has no intentions of extending his stay in Malacanang by seeking a second term in office. In clear terms, the Chief Executive said at a Makati forum with CEOs: “There are some quarters that were saying I should try and go for a second term. I don’t think that’s a right solution.” Continue reading

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