On Trump, Clinton, Sanders, Bush , et. al. and more …

With all the media attention on these 2016 presidential candidates from both parties, Republicans and Democrats, what can I say that has not probably been already said by some of these pundits on TV and in the papers?
If you thought of this after seeing the title, I can’t blame you. After all, haven’t we been already overfed daily with opinions, analyses and news on these candidates every hour on the hour? So, what fresh take can I still share with you, except maybe to agree or disagree with these pundits’ own take on these subjects?
Believe it or not, after all that’s been already said and done about these presidential candidates and their conduct, message, gaffs and all, I think I still can contribute something fresh to the conversation.

On Trump
Because he is consistently surging in all known polls, Trump has continued to dominate media coverage and dialogues, to the dismay of many of his fellow Republican candidates. The media is fixated on this guy as the Republican voters are fascinated by him. As obnoxious, arrogant and conceited Trump has been, boldly declaring his opinions and theories about immigration, hot button issues, Clinton and his fellow Republicans, without fear of offending anyone, Trump continues to increase his following, leaving behind the once popular conservatives like Huckabee, Cruz, Carson, Rubio, Paul, even Jeb Bush and making the cut for the Fox sponsored debate impossible for Jindal, Fiorina, Christie, Pataki, Santorum and Perry.
A Republican voter commented that Trump’s wealth could work against him just like it did against Mitt Romney. Others believe though that it makes him more attractive because he appears to understand their side despite his wealth.
I, on the other hand, believe that his wealth, unlike Romney’s, is the source of his magnetism. People are fascinated by this success and like the thought that he earned it with his smart, astute business moves instead of simply being born into it. Americans are easily impressed by riches and all its trappings. And while Romney tried to downplay his wealth, Trump loves to flaunt it. Yet, unlike Romney who never won the trust of voters on account of his money, Trump’s money which they equate with success, inspires them.
Hopefully, Trump will not eventually disappoint his voters as Bernie Maddoff whose fame and reputation had been built on his appearances of success failed his investors big time.

On Clinton
Why does Hillary Clinton’s popularity always wane as her campaign gets closer to the actual race? And when the question of trustworthiness is asked, she often comes up short. Why does it seem like she has to fight her battle twice harder than his competitors? Here’s my opinion:
I sincerely believe that the mainstream media have a strange hatred of this woman despite the fact that her life’s work and achievements would have shamed other male candidates aiming for the same post. Somehow, the bar appears to have been set so much higher for Hillary than for any other candidate. And why does she is always the only one getting polled on her trustworthiness? Why not poll all candidates on the same questions and categories?
The truth is, the media can surreptitiously present the candidate in a good or bad light even by just raising the kind of questions they do or by focusing on a certain aspect that will highlight either the flaws of virtues of the candidates.
To be continued