About Us

The FilAm Weekly MegaScene is a weekly pub lication in English that caters primarily to the Filipino American readers in Chicago and the suburbs. It has a free weekly circulation of 12,000 copies, distributed without fail every Friday and Saturday of each week in various Oriental stores,restaurants and other outlets in the Greater Chicagoland.

The MegaScene’s Strengths

The MegaScene boasts of carrying the latest news from the Philippines. As a subscriber to an exclusive news bureau in the Philippines and with an editorial staff that is adept at the latest software technology, the MegaScene is able to print breaking news, beating its competitors all over the country.

  • With a highly skilled editorial staff, the MegaScene stands out in both content and form. Its attractive and professional layout and color command not only attention but also the high respect from its readers and advertisers alike.
  • A wide variety of interesting articles and opinions from highly professional writers and credible opinion makers also make the MegaScene The Newspaper of Choice in Illinois.
  • The MegaScene is published by people with impeccable integrity and credibility. Bart and Yoly Tubalinal, Co- Executive Editors and Co Executive Publishers are known in the community for their professionalism, excellent academic background and high moral principle. Bart and Yoly have been newspaper/magazine publishers in Illinois for eighteen years and have been perceived as innovators in the Filipino American newspaper publishing, being the first to use 4 color printing and the latest technology in their publication.
  • The MegaScene readers represent a cross section of the Filipino American community such as the first generation baby boomers, young adult professionals, etc. who make up the 200,000 group of immigrants in Illinois with an estimated annual household income of $57,000 and nearly $13 billion spending power. The Filipino Americans comprise the second largest and fastest growing Asian population in the United States.

The Publishers

Husband and wife, Bart and Yoly Tubalinal came to United States with their 3 very young kids and settled in Illinois in 1984. When he left the Philippines, Bart was a CPA reviewer, accounting professor and bank executive with a bright future in the banking industry. Yoly, on the other hand, was a Literature and English professor at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila who enjoyed her profession and was looking forward to finishing her last few courses leading to a doctorate degree in literature. But the opportunity to come to the U.S. came at a turbulent time in Manila after the assassination of Senator Benigno Aquino. The couple took the challenge and together with their 3 young children, immigrated to Illinois and started a whole new life.

Armed only with old test questions borrowed from a friend, Bart took and passed the CPA Board Examination in Illinois just a year after he arrived. He worked as planning and financial analyst for First Chicago Bank, now Chase Bank for almost 9 years before resigning to concentrate on his accounting , tax and financial services and the publication he founded in 1991. Yoly worked as Sales Associate for Harper Collins Publishers for 8 years and did Real Estate sales as well before going full time into publishing.

Bart and Yoly Tubalinal were first to use 4 color and the latest publishing technology in their newspaper, then the monthly broadsheet, PhilippineTIME. Readers who know and appreciate the couple’s progressive minds credit the Tubalinals for revolutionizing the Filipino American publications in the Midwest.

Note: To give you a glimpse of Fil-Am Weekly MegaScene, we have hereby attached its latest front page.